Put the flags out – and eat them!


Greece olives and feta mmmm

A few days ago I did a post on the artist Arcimboldo.  this artist used food, plants, flowers and even book in his paintings.  I thought that these flags of the world would be the perfect complement to the use of food in art, so here’s three I found;-

spicy India

The flags were part of a promotion for the Sydney International Food Festival in 2009.  I like the way they have used the fresh produce from each country to make the flags!

Italy - smell the basil

I wonder what our flag would look like, –  probably fish and chips with mushy peas – though you wouldn’t get the red white and blue…  What could you use for the red white and blue ?

See them all here

More images here

2 thoughts on “Put the flags out – and eat them!

  1. I never thought of that Al, it is indeed a sad indictment thats only too true these days. I confess, I’m stuck for blue foodstuff that is British…

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