Art I LOVE – Guiseppe Arcimboldo


I’m afraid that I’ve rather neglected this category for a while.  I don’t know why – when I love so many types of art.   Please bear in mind that in order to write every day and in depth is a full time job.  Its not mine unfortuntely, so everything I do is rather brief and I’m only too well aware of this.  Arcimboldo is an artist  I loved quite a long time ago and still do.  I have still got his Four Seasons  in poster size which I bought years ago and framed.


Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527 – 1593 Milan Italy).  I was fascinated by this artist.  His work has a fun quality but it’s also very clever.  The Surrealists loved Acimboldo’s subject matter, – the way he played with unusual visuals  and it’s easy to see why.  Some have thought his work bizarre and very whimsical.  But Renascence  people of his time were intrigued by tricks and puzzles, so in that sense he was catering for modern tastes.


Arcimboldo was not only innovative, ‘trendy’ and clever, he could also turn his hand to designing costumes for Court, a large tapestry  design for the cathedral in Como, which is still there today.  He also designed stained glass.


He was a court painter to Ferdinand 11 and later went on to Prague to paint for Maximilian 11 and later his son Rudolf 11. It must have been very difficult to get a likeness using fruit as your palette.  But he must have got it right because he did survive to paint religious and traditional subjects too. He is most famous for his portraits using fruit, vegetables, fish, flowers among others objects. though.

Rudolf 11

Lots more of his work here 

6 Responses to “Art I LOVE – Guiseppe Arcimboldo”

  1. artistatexit0 Says:

    What a creative artist! I wonder why he isn’t usually considered a master of still life subjects since his most memorable works are in this genre? Lynda, you picked another good one!

    • Thanks Al 🙂 I love his colourful work. Great artist – he must have wowed them all at the time 🙂 Thanks for commenting and visiting – appreciated 🙂

  2. its a very interesting angle

  3. Love the grumpy winter portrait. I could stare at these for hours, Lynda. I also like the colors of these.

    On another note. I am having trouble accessing your blog and it loading since you added the video of your last year. My computer screen keeps stopping while loading and even locking up. Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this. I have even refreshed your link but to no avail!

  4. Glad you like those rich colours – they still look fresh and rich after hundreds of years – must have had great paint in those days 🙂

    Thanks for pointing the screen locking out Leslie, my husband said he experienced it a few times. I think it’s definetly the video. I’m going to go back and edit it very very much, take lots out. I think maybe I have too many slides on the slide show (think its about 50!)
    Will do that now = thanks Leslie – appreciated 🙂

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