A brush with Photoshop


I thought for a bit of a change I would explore some of the art that can be made in Photoshop.  You still need to be able to draw to make art in these programmes – and be able to draw without the traditional tools too.  

the Sparrow look

You especially have to be able to be trained to know which tools do which.  The effect can be pretty amazing though.  This video is just like watching an artist paint – but not with traditional tools like brushes or pencils.  The video is called Speed paint – Jack Sparrow – Full version  by Nicolás Valese.  Jack Sparrow of course is the part played by the actor Johnny Depp in The Pirates of the Caribbean films.

8 thoughts on “A brush with Photoshop

  1. Johnny Depp…another of Kentucky’s gifts to the world of culture. I like that he chooses unusual characters to play.

    1. Yes so do I, he’s a fine actor!. I never realised he was from Kentucky, my younger sister’s first husband was from there – he had a real Southern drawl, I love that accent! Thanks for visiting – appreciated Art!

  2. The wonders pf photoshop never cease to amaze me. My boyfriend is a whiz and I love being all ‘did you reaaaallly do that just on the computer’.

    It does always make me laugh when some people claim to be able to work photoshop when they can only do the very basics though – a bit like a school kid saying they can speak french when all they know are a few sentences.

    it’s much nicer when you see folks like Nicolás Valese doing stuff though!

  3. Photoshop amazes me too Lynsey! The most I can do is brighten and enhance photos (and its hit and miss). I find it very hard to draw or use any of the many tools it has. Glad you enjoyed the Nicolas Valese film as much as me – thanks for visiting, its always appreciated 🙂

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Leslie 🙂 I’ve watched it a couple of times now – fascinating the way the picture builds. I wouldn’t know where to start with all those tools 🙂 thanks for stopping by 🙂

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