A Watery Wonderland

Underwater sculpture

There are many treasures that still lie under the sea – even old shipwrecks can be classed as treasure.  But the sea also offers very unusual gallery space.  Sculptor Jason Decaires Taylor b. 1974 UK is also an underwater naturalist and underwater photographer.  He has created artificial reefs for marine life to inhabit.

the mysterious figures

Apparently, everything appears 25 percent larger when underwater.  Colours are absorbed differently.  These considerations, including the light source are further enhanced by the  movement of water.

a natural progression

There are no white walls in the ocean but it does give a surreal and moving, variable backdrop to the sculptures.  I love the way that these sculptures transform and progress –  taking on lives of their own as other lives inhabit them.  A natural progression, as the sculptures are absorbed into the watery landscape.

Un - still life

In this still life, made of concrete, layers are constantly being added in a natural way as the coral begins its journey, leaving its mark like a pencil would.


A man on fire underwater!  This cement figure has holes bored into it with live cuttings of fire coral – amazing!  The coral has been planted in such a way that when it grows, it shall grow in  pointed shapes to depict flames.

Jason Decaires Taylor biography and website here

Amazing pictures of this artists work here

4 thoughts on “A Watery Wonderland

  1. I would love to see how this living environment will shape these sculptures in the years to come. Very cool work!

  2. I like the fact that the sculptures go on – giving home and life to living organisms – find that very heartwarming and hopeful for the future. I hope these waters stay pure for generations to come too 🙂 thanks for visiting – its appreciated Art

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