Weird and Wacky designs – Total Airheads!

skychariot balloon

It’s Vincent Van Gogh’s birthday today (1853 -1890).  But I’ve already wished Van Gogh happy birthday – see last years post I could have told you Vincent it’s your birthday.  However, no birthday is ever complete without balloons and I couldn’t believe it when I saw these!  I think the one below looks quite like him, though I’m not sure about the idealogy behind choosing an artist’s head for an air balloon.

van gogh surreal

It must be surreal to see  a disembodied gigantic head floating in the sky.  Here’s the Dutch artist floating over Sydney Australia.

Vincent flies high

The balloons are made by Cameron Balloons.  Just have a look at some of the other designs here.  This one reminds me of the nursery rhyme ‘The Cat and the Fiddle’…the bit where the cow jumps over the moon.  This one’s certainly big enough!  And they talk about pigs flying…..

Where's the dish and spoon?

Castles in the air – what a lovely expression.  We all build these at some time or other.  Here’s one that has been built literally  – a fairytale castle to go with a fairytale celebration.  Balloons are a magical leisurely form of transport.  They belong to a more romantic age.  These novelty designs shall ensure that their popularity soars!

castles in the air

Cameron Balloons website

My post about Van Goghs’s bedroom Arles painting here 

11 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky designs – Total Airheads!

    1. A giant mallet! talk about Hammer of the Gods – you’d know about it if that deflated and fell on you 🙂 Trust you! thanks as always, appreciated!

  1. I love the castle – it’s such a fairytale! There is a group of hot air balloonists (is that what you call them?!) near me and I see a lovely collection of them early in the morning. It looks like a fabulous way to start the day.

    1. It must be lovely to see this every morning1 Any really unusual ones? I’ve never seen one in my whole life – its so unfar! Thanks for visiting Kimberley – very appreciated as always 🙂

  2. I can think of no better way to start my day than having Van Gogh’s head float by my attic window. As long as his ear does not disintegrate in mid-air and land somewhere on my breakfast table in the garden, I’m in for the deal. What about Picasso’s hand and Gaudi’s beard to go along with it? Just a random, Tuesday morning thought.

  3. I can just imagine that ear falling off and spoiling the breakfast 🙂 it’s so Red Queen ‘Off with their heads’ 🙂 As far as I can see Van Gogh seems to be the only one they have got around to doing… far. they may just take the hint about Picasso’s hand and Gaudi’s beard though…or they may go the whole hog and make a whole Toulous Lautrec – he would make such a tiny balloon 🙂 Thanks for your Tuesday morning thought Jadepaloma – welcome, cheering and appreciated!

  4. You certainly are entertaining me with all of this, Lynda! I always know I am going to learn something new. All three of these are wonderful but am pertial to the Van Gogh. What a tribute!

  5. Thanks Leslie! I found these balloons ages ago and have been keeping them for his birthday 🙂 I’m learning lots of interesting things from other people too – including your good self. It’s very much appreciated!

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