Discovered and Uncovered – Underwater artist Zena Holloway

Beautiful underwater photography by Zena Holloway

I’m coming across some very unusual and amazing artists  in the course of research for my blog.  Yes. you’ve guessed it – it’s time for yet another category!  Some of these may not be new artists to you – but they are to me, hense the title ‘Discovered and Uncovered’.  It is not my intention to go into the artist’s life story – just to give a glimpse into their work and hopefully inspire someone.

a water baby by Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway b. 1973 Bahrain now lives and works in London.  She started off as a scuba diving instructor and eveloped an interest in underwater photography.  Her work has appeared on adverts, in films and magazines.  She recently completed a two year project based on Charles Kingsley’s ‘Water Babies’ which featured real babies swimming underwater.

the queen of the fairies by Warwick Goble

Who doesn’t love the tale of young Tom the chimney sweep who falls into a river and becomes a Water baby.  The illustrations of this 1863 by several illustrators are beautiful – no wonder Holloway was inspired by them!

Swan Songs

Watch some of her work here in this short video – so beautiful, graceful and poetical.  There are a few of her videos on Youtube which feature lots of her work – including the Water babies.

Zena Holloway’s website here

Beautiful illustrations of the WaterBabies by several illustrators here

PS  My latest poem  is called ‘Acrostic Alphabet-ish’ here

4 thoughts on “Discovered and Uncovered – Underwater artist Zena Holloway

  1. Like underwater Kimberley? hehehe! It’s like ballet in a way – so fluid and gorgeous. I bet it’s a lot harder than it looks though. Thanks for stopping by, you know its always appreciated

  2. These are insanely evocative, I love them, I think you’re right about the balletic element, I bet most dancers would kill for that kind of fluidity of line!

  3. The baby ones on youtube are lovely too – so free. the ‘Swan Songs’ are pure swan lake (only in the sea). I bet its really difficult to move though with the dresses on. She’s done some, using models too! Thanks for your comments Lynsey – always appreciated!

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