Weird and wacky design – USB gadgets

teapot earrings

I love gadgets, I’m an absolute sucker for them.  I have cupboards full of them, especially kitchen gadgets.  I have a knife for everything but use the same one for most things.  I have teapots coming out of my ears(not literally – but that would be a good idea for a new category).) 

mini usb hoover

This handy little USB mini Hoover is so cute and just the job for hoovering up all the little crumbs people leave around their computer (and I’m no exception).  But surely crumbs would be down the keyboard not round the sides?  Fun though and perhaps you could use it in a doll’s house!

usb ashtray

Some people smoke when they’re on the computer, but I think they’re just going too fast….  Here is a handy little USB solution –  this USB ashtray absorbs smoke and cuts down on odors round the  work area.  It also minimises smoke itself.  You could only use it for home though.

usb aroma dig fan

To mask the smell of smoking even more – here is a USB Aroma Dig Fan!  It dispenses essential oils without heating or burning and is safer than a candle.  I really like this!

usb roll up piano

This last USB gadget is the weirdest.  A roll up piano ’49 key activation’ is guaranteed and it has 8 percussion instruments.  I don’t understand this one at all.  But to each his own:  the best thing about it from my point of view is that it rolls up and you can take it anywhere…… if you are so inspired –  ideal for the budding musician?


My latest Haiku ‘Elementals’ here, with a lovely video at the end!


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5 thoughts on “Weird and wacky design – USB gadgets

    1. I love it too, how cute is that hoover! But, seeing as I never seem to use the proper sized one I have a feeling there’s little chance I’d use a mini one either!

  1. Hhaha! I think I could just about manage the mini one, I wouldn’t need to even stand up, that’s a definite plus! Typing with one hand and hoovering with the other – what a woman eh!
    Thanks for visiting – always appreciated Lynsey

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