Disappearing images

I don’t know if it is my browser of what, but I had reason to check some old posts today (Comments) and noticed that some of my images had just disappeared!  I am at loss with this.  Yesterdays images are ok and a few more days back, but further back, these images are just not loading.

I have also been on a fellow blogger’s site (a regular visitor to mine) and couldn’t see her latest post either!  It seemed that others could as they commented.  I don’t know what is going on, ‘m hoping its WordPress and it clears up tomorrow.  In the meanwhile, as a test, I am going to load an image…..can anyone tell me if they can see it – and who it is?


6 thoughts on “Disappearing images

  1. Thanks Leslie, that’s exactly what I see. The same happens on your ‘I Love Lucy’ post when I went to have a look at the dogs.
    Is it my browser? I don’t know, some sites appear ok. I will get in touch with wordpress and see what they think. Thanls Lelsie.

  2. Thanks Kirsty! A crackerjack pencil is on it’s way to you lol! Right then, I’ve now swapped browsers and still can’t see it…bit stuck now, still not sure if its wordpress or me. Going over to other blogs again to have a look if there’s any improvement. Thanks Kirsty!

  3. This was ’60- 8? R.A.H ‘Experience’? Yoom canny fer young hen!

    Gosh I loved him. My twin sis boufght me ‘Isle of White’ fer mey 18th.

    Like a Landseer with ‘lectric lute.

    Wot do e reckon on the ‘innocent’ knee (not Jammy’s, Charlotte’s 1830?)
    She only borrowed the pose from Landseer, spindly shrub and floral basket came as much from the Barraclough clock on the parsonage stairs, ‘Lycidas’ only borrowed the pose from Fuseli, featured an uncovered right knee (ooh ups soon).
    Surpise to me (after 2 years pawing) found a long feint signature beginning with ‘L’, incorporating a ‘d’ and ending with ‘r’, followed by inscription in a different hand (it’s hers) in ‘Emily’s’ skirt, says (I think) in heR sloping (script) hand ‘This is of — indecipherable large letters then 3 rows of miniscule, wandering lettering as in her mini-manuscripts.
    Do ee knaw any experts on Charlotte’s caligraphy? Also, check the original poem ‘The Letter’ (Jane Sellars ‘Writer’s Lives’) of 1837 and the published version, with added verses; ‘th’impending picture’- ‘Sloped as if leaning on the air’ where does that come from, and what does ‘darkened’ mean? (You should see what I say about you in my book). You must know, trained in fine art, how common was it to slope a subject’s head in a formal portarit before 1838? Yup, like Jimmay, Lanny were a proper trin zedder.
    Sorry for slipping sprue in wrong slotty, I been funeral, an am v.keen do ear what you think about knee in ‘Hours ev Innocence’.
    Hey though yo, mey book nurlay vinish! Big uggz an best wishes, James.

  4. Lol you’re full of surprises you are James – bit like your nearly namesake – yes a BIG fan! Sorry to hear about the funeral though and I cannot wait to see this book!!!! very excited about it. by Lanny, I take it you mean Landseer lol! whatever would he say! the letters you found in the skirt sounds very promising indeed. Frustrating I know – I have a census I just can’t decipher that elusive surname and I’ve stared until I’m crosseyed.

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