Whispering, ringing rustling and singing sculpture

This ringing singing tree was designed by Mike Tonkin and Anna Liu and overlooks Burnley Lancashire,  As the wind whistles through the galvanised steel pipes, the tree ‘sings’ – what a lovely idea!

Artists Gilbert and George became living sculptures in 1969.   It is common place to see this now, though Gilbert and George actually sang as they posed.  ‘Underneath the Arches’ was sang over and over for a whole day!  The artists believe that the artist could become the art work.  This can be termed as ‘performance’ art.

Theo Jansen is a kinetic sculptor using very light materials.  This rustling sculpture is powered  by the wind.  Jansen  believes the walls between art and engineering  exist only in our minds’  Based on this, I would tend to agree with him.

Singing ringing tree and others here

More about  Theo Jenson here

Gilbert and George and their other works here

Underneath the Arches video from here  All with thanks



2 Responses to “Whispering, ringing rustling and singing sculpture”

  1. I have to tell you that I am constantly sending my family your posts. This is fascinating. The singing tree is wonderful . I did not know about the two men who started living sculpture. I was fascinatedby the movement of Theo Jansen’s creations. Thank-you, Lynda!

    • No, thank YOU Leslie for taking the time to read them! I’m learning things also. I knew about Gilbert and George….some of their work is a little risque but I’ve only just found Jenson and the singing tree. There’s so many artists I want to feature here – the art history was my favorite subject at uni so I’m indulging myself here lol

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