Weird and Wacky design – Hair brained?


Victorian mourning brooch with hair picture

Hair is an important part of us.  When we are gone, we know that our hair will go on…. and on. The Victorians kept locks of their loved ones hair long after death and made it into mourning jewelry or ‘Mememto Mori ( remember you must die)  These included brooches, rings necklaces, pictures even earings!

mimi parent

But hair is now being used in ecology. This free home-grown commodity is also being used as art medium.   It’s not a new idea, Surrealist artist  Mimi Parent (b. 1924 – 2005 Montreal) used hair in her work.

hair chair by ronald thompson

Former London hairdresser Ronald Thompson,  has used clipping to make a hair chair which is very durable.  He is now researching uses for this free recyclable resource and predicts  that in the future clothing, boats and even mascara could be made of it!

The story of Carlos Sute, a small dwarf who amused himself after being marooned, by building himself a 3ft boat out of his own hair gave artist/hairdresser  Carlos Dimas the inspiration to make his own version (see the short video)

hair shoes

I don’t know quite what to make of these hair shoes though – seems a waste of hair to me.  I wonder if you shampoo condition and style them when they get dirty…..

dress made of human hair by a Croatian company in 2005

This hair dress must have taken a lot of work and used a lot of hair.  Glad to see that this trend hasn’t caught on yet… much be itchy?   

Images from a 2005 exhibition here

More bizarre things made from hair here

Fantastic Victorian and Georgian hair jewelry here

The article about Ronald Thompson here

Hair braid shoes images and others here

9 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky design – Hair brained?

  1. This is great! Reminds of of this museum/mansion I went to when I was a kid. On the walls they had some needlepoint pictures hung that were done in hair. I remember thinking it was so bizarre.

  2. Wow sounds just up my street ikehaus! Let me know if you remember what the museum was called – I love stuff like this! Thanks so much for visiting!

    1. Hheheh there must be – some of those tresses look very long. I can’t imagine slipping into those slippers – the thought makes me shudder! As for the dress…………. the design was a few years ago, and as I havn’t seen any more, they must have abandoned the idea. Phew! Thanks for visiting Kimberley – appreciated.

  3. The fetish quality of hair art must have an ancient origin. I purchased a small hair wreath at a flea market and have enjoyed it as a folk art item. Have you seen any of the Victorian cabinet card photos of women with extremely long tresses posing side by side? Oh, since you seem to know something about the saints…was there an actual St. Baldrick? A co-worker of mine is having her head shaved to raise money to benefit children with cancer and the foundation bears his name.

  4. Hi artistatexit0, no I havn’t seen any of the Victorian cabinet cards – sounds interesting. I always think it’s amazing that people can grow their hair to such lengths, mine takes forever and ever! I don’t know about St Baldrick. BUT I do know poeple who do (or should) I’ll let you know. As far as I can see though, Barldrick is Benefit saint. Thanks for visiting – appreciated!

  5. I used to always carry a strand of my fiance’s hair in my wallet… Now I keep it in my night drawer. Just too much pain and too many memories involved.

    Concerning St. Baldrick. I am Roman Catholic, and as far as I know St. Baldrick is merely a word game. It seems that the founders of this charitable society decided to turn their St. Patrick’s Day party into a benefit for pediatric oncology research by shaving their heads, thereby showing solidarity with children undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Therefore, the name of the Foundation is a word play – going bald on St. Patrick’s Day, led to St. Baldrick’s.

    Take care!

    1. Well, I know I’ve said it before – but I’ll say it again – The knowledge and generosity of the people who come on here is phenomenal! Thanks Jadepaloma – that’s cleared the mystery up. Bald and Patrick – fabulous! and for such a worthy cause too.
      I used to do exactly the same with my husbands hair – I used to sleep with it under my pillow. Don’t know what happened to it lol! I do have a lock of my Late father’s hair though. I don’t look at it often – I don’t need to, I just like the thought of it being there.
      Thanks for visiting and for your contribution Jadepaloma!

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