Mad March and rabbits too

'Spar' and 'Dancer' sculptures by Jan Sweeney

It may be March 1st when I’m writing this – but it will be March 2nd when you read it as I always schedule my posts and I’d forgotten all about St Davids Day.  No point of celebrating it now (those ancestors will be spinning in their graves, along with St Andrew and St Casimir).

the white rabbit by Tenniel

When I think of March 1st (which I obviously did – but too late)  I always think of white rabbits.  We were always told that it was lucky to say ‘white rabbits’ three times when we woke on the 1st day of March.  But why?

There are many variations on ‘White rabbit, white rabbit’ white rabbit’ all mentioned in an interesting article in Wikipedia.  It does get a bit complicated, but the rabbit tradition seems to have travelled all over the world;

“In some areas in Georgia, particularly in the Atlanta area, many people have begun saying “wabbit wabbit” as another variation.” (Wikipedia) 

The mad March hare with straw (a sign of madness) on his head

The wonderfully mad March hare in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is another reminder of this month…and the Tim Burton film.  The hare cannot keep still in the story and is full of energy.

In real life he’s not much different either (though he’s not drinking tea…) he is leaping, twitching and boxing other hares in an overly excited way.  Is it a coincidence that hare’s mating season begins February and carries on until September?   Perhaps they’re at their most erratic in March?

a baby moon gazing hare garden ornament

A lot of hare sculptures are depicted as gazing at the moon.  Pagans believed that a hare staring at the moon brought fertility, regrowth and rebirth.  the hare is sacred to the goddess Eostre which gives her name to Easter and of course the reincarnation of the hare into the Easter bunny!

William Morris tapestry

I won’t be caught out again with my white rabbits (the same applies to every month).  Also, forewarned is forearmed and I shall be looking out for the Ides of March (15th ) too ……..

My latest poem experiment here… ‘Three For March’ Haiku

Jane Sweeney sculptures here

Moon gazing hare garden ornament available from here


3 thoughts on “Mad March and rabbits too

  1. My grandma told me that you should say white rabbits three times on the 1st march to stop the mad march hare entering your life.

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