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And so castles made of sand……

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slumbering sand


…..fall  in the sea – eventually (Jimi Hendrix).   I think that you would need more than a small bucket and spade to make these fabulous sand sculptures.  Like the ice sculptures which I featured the other week, I like the non permanency of these.  Here today – gone tomorrow.  Not everything is made to last forever – apart from us (check out those bog people)  but I digress. …

The wizard of Oz

Oh Mr Sandman bring me a dream…… more sand sculptures here.  Follow the Yellow brick road  – this must have taken ages and tons of sand to build.

sand dragon

I love this amazing dragon!  The detail is astonishing, every little scale picked out in sand.  How the artist has managed to sculpt the bones of the skeleton is beyond me.  Lots of artistry as well as patience.  The skeleton link here

a dead pirate perhaps that Davy Jones has thrown up


Apparently, the sand has to be of the right texture and has to have the right ratio (eight parts dry sand to one part water according to BBC’s Coast).  Some artist use shovels, others, their hands.  Purists don’t use any ‘framework’ beneath their sculpture.

Don’t hide your head in the sand….if it’s that big, it shall be spotted,,

In competitions though it is often a rule that the finished work be sprayed with a stabilising coating which will preserve the sculpture for months.

All the Christmas’s have come at once!

Finally, I couldn’t resist the sand-sculptures of  Sudarshan Patnaik  who made 100 Santa’s out of from 1000 tons of sand.  He is also in the Guinness Book of records for building the largest sand sculpture of Santa – he really does believe in Father Christmas

Western Super Mare, Somerset BeachLawns Sculptures are on display now