Crossing the Oxo cube

It’s been niggling  me for ages – in fact, every time I open up an oxo cube (which is often) – I wonder why they have changed the shape of them?  They are still cube shaped of course but the cube now forms a cross as in O X O.   Apparently the notches helpContinue reading “Crossing the Oxo cube”

Critique Corner -‘Germany before the war’

Here’s an abstract piece I did a while ago.  I thought it would be a good one to critique.  When I was young I loved anything which was ‘free’ like most children.  I would go into wallpaper shops and beg old wallpaper books to cover my school books.  I loved the patterns colours and texturesContinue reading “Critique Corner -‘Germany before the war’”

My Art – ‘Shadowland’

‘Meeting Place’ Ink on acrylic wash The Shadowlands are the spaces between sleep and wakefulness.  They are the gaps.  They have no colour.  But they have a life of their own.  You have to ‘feel’ the colours, then you can see them.  Anything seems possible: anything is possible in the Shadowlands.  It seems as ifContinue reading “My Art – ‘Shadowland’”

My 427th post summary

I thought that it was time for a little summing up of what’s been happening on here.  This is my 427th post now.  So far (fingers crossed) I have managed to blog very nearly every day last year.  My goal for this year is not to miss one day out.  What am I finding to blogContinue reading “My 427th post summary”