Cool Ice Sculptures

I love ice sculptures, Are they a craft or an art form?  I think, both. I like the thought that has gone into them and ephemeral nature of these sculptures.  Everyone knows the story of Cinderella and how her coach  turned back into a pumpkin because she wasn’t back before the clock struck midnight, –Continue reading “Cool Ice Sculptures”

More Bodies from the Bog: Grauballe Man

Another Bog body that I find fascinating is ‘Grauballe’ man.   When I first read ‘The Bog People’ by Professor PV Glob, this was the body that frightened me the most.  Over time though I don’t seem to see the horror any more – just the near perfect preservation of a man who was murdered allContinue reading “More Bodies from the Bog: Grauballe Man”

All the Fours

I’ve done rather a lot on my Bookstains blog today, so this post will be a short one as I am off out tonight.  This is my 444th post.  I’ve spent rather a long time on here – I could do with getting out more lol! I’m still working on my art blog, that’s comingContinue reading “All the Fours”

A Pinned Butterfly

  Did you know that on this day in 1904 the first performance of Giacomo Puccini’s  Madame Butterfly, the Opera was peformed at the La Scala Theatre in Milan?  No me neither.  But my late father used to sing a lot of opera so I quite like to hear it every once in awhile.  I don’tContinue reading “A Pinned Butterfly”

Watched – Bleak House (it wasn’t)

I have watched the BBC DVD of Bleak House recently, an episode or two per night.   This Andrew Davies adaptation is an absolute delight.  I have enjoyed these half hour episodes very much indeed!  As usual with Dickens there is always a rather large cast of characters.  This is why the half hour episodes workContinue reading “Watched – Bleak House (it wasn’t)”

Tea is where the heart is

Seeing that today was one made up of hearts (Valentine’s Day), I thought  I would look for some heart-shaped teapots.  In a lot of homes still, tea is at the heart of the family.  Everyone sits down to a nice cup of tea, hence the title of this post ‘Tea is where the heart is!’ Continue reading “Tea is where the heart is”

Valentine – what a Saint!

Yes it’s that time yet again……  So if you have forgotten – woe betide you lol! This tradition started in the Middle ages when lovers sang or recited their valentines, which is rather nice.  The  valentine card  began in the 1400s and the paper ones were made in factories in the early 1800s This earlyContinue reading “Valentine – what a Saint!”

Happy Birthday Grant Wood!

Today is the birthday of American artist Grant Wood (b.1891 – 1942 Iowa)   He was one of the triumvirate (three) of the regionalism movement.  This group was formed in the midst of the Great Depression which affected the entire economic world.  The economic decline started about the end of the 1930s and continued until theContinue reading “Happy Birthday Grant Wood!”