Happy Birthday Renoir!

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Today is the birthday of French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir  (b. 1841- 1919).  He originally started his artistic career as an artist in a porcelain factory.  His first exhibition was in 1864 at the Paris Salon and his early work portray scenes from life.  But real recognition came 1874 where he exhibited 6 paintings in Paris at the first Impressionist exhibition, and two paintings in London.  His famous fellow Impressionists include of course Monet, Bazille and Sisley and Pissarro.

The work of art must seize upon you, wrap you up in itself and carry you away. It is the means by which the artist conveys his passion. It is the current which he puts forth, which sweeps you along in his passion”

Luncheon at the Boating party

Impressionism not only embraced art, it also encompassed music.   It was a massive movement established 1867 – 1886 and tried to capture the effect of light and colour.  Renoir admired Delacroix use of colour and his early paintings reflect this.

La Moulin de la Galette

He   also admired Courbet and Manet – and especially Boucher.  Renoir’s use of colour and light are his trademark.  He loved to paint outdoor scenes en plein air.    He did return to Classicism in later years and concentrated more on his drawings.  But after 1890, his style changed again, he concentrated more on the domestic theme and nudes.

The Bathers 1887 Renoir

Although crippled with arthritis in later years, which restricted his movements, he adopted to this by having a brush strapped to his stiffened paralysed fingers.  It was in this period of his life that he began sculpting with Richard Guino.

renoir two sisters on a terrace

His paintings – of which there are several thousand, are very much-loved by most people and have been reproduced continuously.

Excellent gallery and information about this artist HERE

Short biography here


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