On with the Motley

I’ve been very busy at the moment doing all sorts of things.  Some of it  involves getting my house straightened, which is boring, boring, coconut flooring.  Still blogging on Bookstains  (not as much as here) and have written quite a few poems lately (my Arachne rising seems to have arisen again after all these years!).  It may be fun (for me) to get some very early work out and look back on the airy fairy stuff I did in my teens (here’s a post about an early influence) and contrast them with some not very pretty punk lyrics…er ‘The Life of Charlotte Bronte’ springs to mind and would not win me many Bronte fans lol! another one was ‘I Trouble’ and ‘Voodoo dancing’.  I wonder what happened to them?  I might actually come across them in the sort out.  If I do, I’ll put them on Bookstains for a bit of fun . I’m experimenting with different types poems at the moment and enjoying it – which is the whole point of my blogging! 

   The latest one is HERE and very different in style than the other

Jester by William Merritt Chase


It’s good to stand back from time to time and summarise your thoughts and these types of posts help me do just that.  I really need to neaten this site up too – there’s lots of niggling things I can see, not to mention the erratic formatting that STILL goes haywire from time to time.  I keep telling myself that I should change my theme – but I like it too much, so I must persevere.   Blogging  is taking up quite a bit of my time (well, the way I’m doing it),  I must admit I have spent rather a lot of time on some  excellent blogs as I love reading (and seeing) and commenting on what others do.  I fullly  intend to keep  my daily blogging up: I have promised myself that I will post every day this year and I want to keep to this.  I  want to concentrate on my Bookstains blog too, continue to write a bit of poetry, carry on my book reviews and challenges.  And I’m still  working on a separate place for my personal art  which shall be launched this year.  So  on with the motley ….lots to do eh!



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