Cool Ice Sculptures

the icy coach

I love ice sculptures, Are they a craft or an art form?  I think, both. I like the thought that has gone into them and ephemeral nature of these sculptures.  Everyone knows the story of Cinderella and how her coach  turned back into a pumpkin because she wasn’t back before the clock struck midnight, – imagine the coach just melting way!  And the glass slippers!  This coach looks so delicate,  like it is  made of glass.

icy dancer

Here’s a different take on the popular TV programme ‘Dancing on Ice’….. Dancing in ice!  Another lovely thing about these ice sculptures, is that wonderful effect light has on these glistening objects.  It’s as if the object has a life trapped into it, trying to get out.

cold fish

The time and patience it takes to do these sculptures must be considerable.  These are taken from the Krasnaya Presnya Park, Moscow.  Stunningly beautiful, much craftsmanship and imagination have gone into these examples of popular Russian culture.  Moscow even has a museum of ice sculpture!

Here’s some larger than life ice sculptures.  The forest backdrop makes them all the more magical…….

Moscow on ice HERE

Ice coach and other wonderful creations HERE

11 Responses to “Cool Ice Sculptures”

  1. Totally lovely and interesting, as usual, Lynda. The video is wonderful, but I think the Cinderella coach is my favorite.

  2. Oh , i wish i could do this.
    it looks like fun

  3. Wonderful post, Lynda. Thank-you for bringing this video to us. I believe sculptures are art. How can they not be? I used to not pay attention to those modern art sculptures that are abstract, until one day when I noticed the shadow that was cast by one, late in the day, that made it so much more beautiful. Can you imagine what the shadow and light display might be from these ice sculptures? Oh my.

  4. I see another member of the Arts Roadshow…coming on lol! I must put some fruit and veg sculptures on here. Hows about having a go – bet you could do it y’know

  5. Hi Leslie have you looked at my Barbara Hepworth Hidden garden of delight post? Some lovely ones there – a lot of them depend on the shadows and unexpected vistas they offer. It’s all art that pleases my eye – even if it is done with a chainsaw lol. I’ll put some veg on next (it might inspire K to take up his knife…’s amazing what can be achieved with fruit and veg lol

  6. Amazing. I’d like to try that too. Luckily, there is no shortage of ice where I live lol.
    Enjoying your posts. Thank You 🙂

  7. Thanks dustus! I was going to say how lucky you are having all that ice – but then I remembered a couple of weeks ago when it snowed and I was ranting about it…… lol

  8. […] you would need more than a small bucket and spade to make these fabulous sand sculptures.  Like the ice sculptures which I featured the other week, I like the non permanency of these.  Here today – gone […]

  9. I Love Ice Sculptures, They are “ROCKS”

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