All the Fours

I’ve done rather a lot on my Bookstains blog today, so this post will be a short one as I am off out tonight.  This is my 444th post.  I’ve spent rather a long time on here – I could do with getting out more lol!

irma and alfred prunesquallor

I’m still working on my art blog, that’s coming along very slowly and the Gormenghast journey (Titus Groan) – even though I’ve nearly re read it is going at a snails trail.  Will I continue to track when I get to the second book Gormenghast?  I don’t think so, I haven’t got the time.

Pip is told he has great expectations

Over on Bookstains I have been writing about the Dickens books I have read – just very brief summeries but they still took a long time to do.  I am going to keep the teapot category and also the Weird and Wacky, but I am going to introduce some news categories.  The idea is to make this blog an eccentric eclectic mix – and the more the merrier I say!


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