Valentine – what a Saint!

I love this valentine!

Yes it’s that time yet again……  So if you have forgotten – woe betide you lol! This tradition started in the Middle ages when lovers sang or recited their valentines, which is rather nice.  The  valentine card  began in the 1400s and the paper ones were made in factories in the early 1800s

Typical vintage valentine

This early card is by  Esther Howland. an American printer and artist.  Howland was one of the first people to publish and sell valentines in the States. This  paper lace valentine Circa 1875 is so intricate and  astonishing in detail – and  a very precious item in the emotionscard museum (beautiful cards here)

earlist Howland card

According to tradition, The Roman Emperor Claudius  at one time banned young men from getting married because he wanted to recruit them for his army.  A priest called Valentine went against the Emperor’s wishes and married couples in secret.  For this he  was put into prison and sentenced to die.  A young women wrote to the priest and became his friend.   He would sign his letters to the woman ‘Your Valentine’.  So Valentine became St Valentine, Roman martyr.  or so the story goes….



Valentines have changed a lot over the years.  Original ones were made or real lace and very elaborate.  But there have been a lot of comical ones too.

Cute and Corny

Here’s a contemporary valentine card – which I found quite amusing.  It’s available from here, and it could be given any time.

Zombie love is undying love

The history of Valentine? HERE

Here is the heart on the cart link

Valentine mosiac from HERE

Pop Corn and other Vintage valentines available here

15 thoughts on “Valentine – what a Saint!

  1. It may not be widely known outside Ireland that the Carmelite Church in Whitefriar Street in Dublin City claims to hold the remains of St Valentine. The Carmelites first arrived in Ireland in 1271, and today there is a community of 17 in the Monastery attached to Whitefriar Street Church. The story of how the remains of St Valentine came to rest in Whitefriar Street is interesting, and involves a famous nineteenth-century Carmelite attached to the Church, Fr John Spratt. Fr Spratt visited Rome in 1835, and apparently largely on the strength of his powers as a preacher, Pope Gregory XVI decided to make his Church a gift of St Valentine’s body, then believed to be in the Cemetery of St Hippolitus in Rome. The remains of Valentine were duly transferred to Whitefriar Street Church in 1836, and since that date have been venerated there, especially around the time of the Saint’s Feast Day.

    1. Wow Anne – Great information! We went to Dublin quite a while ago, I wish I’d have known that then, I would have taken a look. We went to St Michens and saw the mummies instead!.
      Thanks for sharing this with us! I can never get over what lovely and knowledgable people you meet when you’re blogging – keep it coming!
      PS That photo of the twins and the hart shaped box would make a lovely Valentine card!

  2. Thanks for all the great info on Valentine’s Day! It’s nice to know there is actually more tradition here and not purely some invention of the greeting card industry! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!

  3. Thanks ArtisttexitO! Unfortunately it really has become another moneymaking excuse. But the sentiment is still there underneath. I like the idea of the reciting or saying your valentine. I wonder why that tradition died out………could it be perhaps that talk is cheap?
    Oooooh I must NOT be cymical today of all days. I shall save it for tomorrow lol!

  4. Yes it’s easy to be cynical and who could blame anybody? But if I may offer a personal anecdote…for my wife and I Valentine’s Day is our unofficial anniversary. Our first “date” was 26 years ago today. We went to hear friends play in their band (the Drooling Idiots) and we have been together ever since! Thanks for your blog Ann, I have been enjoying your posts! Happy Valentine’s Day to you…xox, Albertus

  5. Lol! Thanks Albertus! That anectdote made me laugh. Romantic yes, but it was the name of the band ‘The Drooling idiots’ that did it! I was going to ask – what happened to the Droolling idiots? What a fabulous name! Please say me that they burnt out – as opposed to fade away (Neil Young)
    If they ever get back together – my hubby and I will try to see em lol!
    Thanks for visiting

  6. The Drooling Idiots did in fact burn out and probably before even they knew it! They were a punk-inspired band ten years after the fact, but in far western Kentucky they were cutting edge. Other fav local bands included Bruce Spears and the Pierced Ears and the Lysergic Sound Daddies.

  7. Aw poor Drooling Idiots! We love punk! We’re going to see Iggy and his Stooges in May. Really looking forward to that indeed! The lysergic sound daddies – very LSD eh. God I feel old sometimes…then I look at Iggy on those Insurence adverts…then I don’t feel so bad. that man’s a modern day miracle – and it shows!
    Bruce Spears (Bruce Springstein inspired?), Pierced Ears (Golden Earing had a ‘hit’ with Radar Love in the 70s….a long time ago….)

  8. I remember Bruce Sprears and the Pierced Ears. They were friends of mine at Murray State in about 1980. It was Bruce Spears guitar vocals, Bob King organ/piano vocals, Chip Slater bass vocals, and Chip’s sister (name eludes me) on drums and vocals. Songs I remember include “We’re Having Alaskan King Crab Legs” and “Thoughts of a Busboy.”

  9. Hello, just googled my old band name and came up with this thread. I was a founding member of the Lysergic Sound Daddies circa 1981, and the bass player for The Drooling Idiots in the final line up circa 1984ish (thanks to Brent Starkey) among other garage bands. We (LSD) opened for Bruce Spears at the MSU Student Center once. Thanks for the memory jog…do i know y’all?

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