Shrinking World


our miniature cake attempt (and tins)

As the post before this was about Ron Mueck’s hyperrealist sculptures – works of huge proportions, I though I would post about the interesting world of miniatures.  I’ve always loved miniatures.  There is something so aesthetically pleasing about them. 

loved making these!

To make them is like recreating your own little world.  But the very art of making these tiny items is indeed difficult and there are some amazing miniature artists around, that put mine and my daughters efforts to shame.  We did enjoy doing them though and found it quite challenging!

quite Archimboldo don’t you think?

The scale of these is 1/12th and they are made of just ordinary Fimo clay that you bake in an ordinary oven.  We made these tiny cakes and fruit and vegetables a few years ago.  I did have tiny plates with meals on too, but I lost those.

our mini meats

Here’s some exquisite examples of miniature cakes and puddings!  Looks delicious – and the chocolate sauce is very realistic.  There are lots of materials, pastes, liquids available for the real enthusiast, plus many books on the subject.

these are exuisite! not made by us

I quite like the simplicity of this salad veg stall.  It is available HERE.  A lot of people opt for having a shop instead of a doll’s house, taking great delight in stocking it to their own requirements.  When the shops are finished, they make nice ornaments.

lovely veg stall

 The Min Food Blog is a particularly lovely one dedicated to miniatures – look HERE

butchers shop (Mini Food blog)


All that wonderful meat on display!  Making meat is particularly challenging.  The ones which we made (below) include  Black puddings which are threaded with dental floss and I think, had talcum powder rubbed into it lol!  It’s true the chicken could have done with more work…


enjoyed doing the black puds!


4 thoughts on “Shrinking World

  1. Reading my earlier reply on my blog seemed a bit abrupt.
    sorry. lol
    beer sounds good.
    but i need to know ahead of time.
    A chefs life is extremely anti social

  2. Hi Ann! I’m glad to see your blog is back (I kept getting a blank page when I clicked on it). Yes it’s great fun to do – but in my case now I’d need a magnifying glass! We had the fruit and veg in individual compartments in a print tray – it looked good. My daughter’s dolls house is still taking up the spare room – it’s a Georgian (style )one… doubt she will reclaim it one day when they move to a bigger place.

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