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The art of Alice through the looking glass

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Sir John Tenniel


I love the illustrations of Alice in Wonderland and Alice’s adventures through the looking Glass.  The original Tenniel ones have a charm all of their own and are the ones I remember the most from childhood.  There is  such a lot of information contained in these small drawings and Sir John Tenniel’s style once seen, is unmistakable.

Alice entering the looking glass world by Sir John Tenniel

Tenniel also illustrated for Punch magazine for a  while and did some political sketches like the example below. Amazingly this fine illustrator was blind in one eye. 

Punch magazine william gladstone and the irish land question

But another illustrator that I quite like is Ralph Steadman.  Of course these two  are from different era’s, but I quite like the clear lines of Steadman’s work, it’s so very stylish.   He has tried to add something new to these well-loved characters – yet make them still recognisable.

Ralph Steadman 1972

But there is another Alice illustrator that I like – one of my favorite authors and who I am re reading at the moment, and that’s Mervyn Peake.  It’s interesting to see the different styles of these artists, each done in a different era but with totally original approaches towards the same subject

Mervyn Peake 1954

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