Bogged down

I've actually met Lindow man - and I know exactly how he feels. Well, perhaps not...

I feel really fed up and bogged down today.  To make it worse it is snowing yet again!  I hope it’s gone by tomorrow.  I have been toying recently about putting my art on yet another blog – but I’m not sure…..  Although this is an art based blog, I think it might be more appropriate to put my own stuff in a separate space.

peat-cutting time

Everyone seems to have their own particular category that they like – and I’ll be sticking with these and still posting every day.  But as I am doing more art work now, it makes sense to have a seperate space especially for them.  If I had included my own art from the beginning, it would be different, but I’ve only recently started putting work up.  Abstract art isn’t everyone’s cup of tea I know, but it was a natural progression in my work. However, it’s not the only form of art I do by any means.

always be creative with your leftovers

And so (just like that and so typical of me) it has been decided!  The move is underway.   Don’t worry though all the artists birthday shall stay here, the weird and wacky –  all the categories which make this blog ‘Echostains’ everything apart from my own stuff.  I feel happy with that.  It won’t be an everyday blog either, just when I can get time to put work up.  Bookstains will stay the same – occasional ramblings about Gormenghast and the occasional poem, plus authors I have read ,  (which are proving quite popular).

Croft house Skye Museum HERE

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