My Art – ‘Shadowland’

‘Meeting Place’ Ink on acrylic wash

The Shadowlands are the spaces between sleep and wakefulness.  They are the gaps.  They have no colour.  But they have a life of their own.  You have to ‘feel’ the colours, then you can see them.  Anything seems possible: anything is possible in the Shadowlands.  It seems as if something has leeched the colour out of the lost landscape, but they haven’t, they are sleeping, dormant waiting for you to give them life, but you have to believe.  When Pip visits Miss Haversham and fight with the prowling boy (Herbert Pocket) in the overgrown garden, this is the garden.  Everything is bigger, vaster when you cast your mind back, every day was sunny and hot, or so you think when you look back.  Perhaps you were the one who made it so, perhaps it wasn’t really like that, we had the power to believe it so.  Shadowland is about being on the brink, trying to remember, illumination, a trick of light really.  Perhaps all light is a trick of life – or vice versa🤔

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