Organic teapots and enchanting Treepots

Here are some more fascinating teapots, this time with a more organic feel to them.  I think the above ‘Treepot’ is really magical!  It looks like it has come straight from the forest, – but it hasn’t, – it is indeed ceramic! Treepots are made HERE

Madrone teapot

For tree teapots ceramicist Kathy Pallie   takes some beating.  These teapots are so beautiful – they are more works of art than functional: made to be touched and gazed at.  For more stunning teapots, her site is HERE  William Morris did say

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”

tree stump with chameleon detail

I’m in love with this ceramic (yes ceramic) teapot by Cheng Dong Zhu!  This teapot, shaped to look like a tree stump is so convincing.  The colouring and markings in particular show  great attention to detail.  It is a part of a tea set and comes with four cups.  You can buy it here and view the cups and more information about how the set is made HERE

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