Assemblage – boxing clever art

Too much is just too mind boggling

As you can see from this pic, I love assemblage.  I bought these old print trays and had absolutely no trouble filling them full of tiny bits of ephemera!

what does this section say?

The real art of assemblage (as it is an art form) is when the assembled pieces make a statement or ‘speak’ to the viewer by affecting their sense in some way.  Sometimes there are prompts like printed material, bits of old adverts.  Sometimes nostalgia for one of the objects can cause the viewer to make links over all, so that the piece becomes a statement in itself.

Joseph Cornell boxes clever

Whenever I hear the word  assemblage, the name Joseph Cornell  springs to mind (b. America 1903 -72).  He is linked with the Surrealists and used lots of found objects which he boxed and made art from.

observatory box joseph cornell

Whole poems can be made from the relationships of the assembled pieces – they communicate differently to the idividual.  Some of these relationships may seem incongruous – but a kind of sense can always made (even if this sense cannot be stated in words).  I think it is in our nature to try to make sense of the nonsensical sometimes – even though we sometimes have to accept that life is sometimes – well just random!

By their fruits ye shall know them by Dale Copeland

Another artist who I greatly admire is New Zealand artist Dale Copeland.  I defy anyone not to find poetry in her work.  Some of the pieces are very whimsical, some esorterically puzzling, like the nature of the Sphinx- but all inspirational and thought-provoking.  She must have boxes of found objects in her house!  Perhaps this is what I should be doing with all the little things I can’t bear to part with lol!


Dale Copeland’s fabulous assemblages HERE

4 thoughts on “Assemblage – boxing clever art

  1. So glad I clicked that RSS link to keep up to date with your blog. Fascinating stuff and as you say inspirational. What exactly are the print boxes you used?

  2. Hi Ann, Thanks for visiting. The boxes in the first pics are old print trays I aquired. Ideal for filling with tiny bits ( have plenty of those…) You can pick these print trays up now for about 10.00 each at Antique fairs or occasionally , car boots. Kind Regards

  3. K, Its the only way to go! the more variety the better, stops you getting bored and being one dimentional (plus when you get tired or run out of steam on one subject – you have other categories to post about lol!)

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