My art experiments – Pretend playing in the pretend snow

nothing to see really

Time for some more art experiments: I was going through some  pics taken when the snow was about (shhhhhh,  better whisper in case it hears me and comes back …) and I thought I’d have a bit of fun with the images.  These are the pics I took – yes, nothing special to write home about, BUT…….

a miserable vista of snowy delight

It’s amazing what lurks under the surface of that snow…so I did a bit of excavation work…..


cleared a few paths…..

snow has many layers - this has three

Cropped, super imposed and filled (no fancy footwork here).  Just when I’d cleared the snow away, I decided to add some more.  But I wasn’t happy with the composition at all, so a quick crop…

I give you - 'See amid the Winters Snow 1'

And ‘See Amidst the Winter’s Snow’ was born.  Here are a couple of variations…  old comic book colours maybe – but there wasn’t anything comical about that snow! 

'See Amidst the Winter's Snow' and feel that icy blast


and finally this one which I warmed up slightly with what looks like something out of the Blitz-

Neuclear Blitz anyone?

As you can see from the original composition, the portrait formated pic didn’t really take off.  So – waste not want not, I say – I decided to merge reverse images of the same shot and go with this;-

'See Amid the Winters Snow' reversal

 I think that the last image would make an interesting  painting,  if I turned the top roofs into tall chimney pots, contrasting Victorian industry with modern day living  –  progress marching through the constancy of the weather – I might be on to something.  Some things will always be with us.

5 thoughts on “My art experiments – Pretend playing in the pretend snow

  1. It started off as an art blog, but I kinda got bogged down more with the written stuff. I had a website before with all my work on called echostains. We had guest artists and all sorts, but I branched out into other stuff so it fell by the wayside…. I wanted this blog to be a mix, rather than just painting and stuff….but I can see its going back to the art proper lol! Just got a bit lazy I think. You have the right idea and I think the right balance on yours. But I do LOVE writing too1 Whatever the creative outlet – be it painting, performence, poetry writing, and cooking and presentation – its all creativity isnt it. I’m still doing bits and pieces for people BUT not for myself as much like I used to, I’m trying to change that a bit this year and spend more time DOING and less time writing about it. Thuogh each informs the other , to me it goes hand in glove so I make more work for myself lol!

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