‘Weird and Wacky Design: Slippers to er, slip into?’

rodent slippers whatever next

Slippers have come a long way since I was a girl.  But looking at some of these, I have to come to the conclusion that maybe they’ve gone far enough.  And more to the point – would you actually wear these rat slippers?  Surely, they’ve got to be taking the mickey?  or do I mean the Roland….. lol  Ooh it’s just horrible!

Holy Moley

I’ve always thought that moles were very cute – perhaps it’s their tiny pink hands and feet that contributes to this harmless image (and probably ‘Wind in the Willows’ by Kenneth Grahame).  They are considered pests and even vermin that cause a nuisance – traps are laid down for the poor little fellows.  Even so, there’s no need to wear them on your feet as slippers!  Yes, I do know they are not real rats and moles – and that no animals have been hurt in the making of them etc (at least, I hope that is so!) .  But why pick on them?

You've heard of fish fingers? - now fish feet

Why you would want to wear fish on your feet – I don’t know, but these fish slippers are probably the most comfortable ones, and not as repugnant as the other two.  There are some pretty awful slippers around – one pair, I found particularly offensive, and certainly wouldn’t feature.  I’ll just stick to my little knitted woollen ones…… 

More weird slippers to be had HERE

And a real odd collection of shoes and slippers HERE


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