‘Cut the mustard and get to the Ad!’

guinness Marmite, might even try this

I am  just watching Flog it  and the programme (may be a repeat) is coming from Burton on Trent, the home of wait for it…….The Marmite factory!  As you know I’ve recently wrote about that lovely brown sticky comestible – Marmite.  Comestible eh? what a locupletative word!  (Must get my poor now neglected word back into circulation again.) 

marmite cubes

I LOVE old packaging, I even have some of it.  Nothing like Robert Opie’s collection, of which I saw a few years ago when he had his museum at Gloucester docks.  On Flog it, I was amazed at the collection of Marmite pots he had – the earlier ones are an entirely different shape.  He even had Marmite cubes in a tin.  Each cube came in its own separate cardboard box.

colmans-mustard a tradition

So to continue with the old packaging theme – Colmans mustard!  This is my favorite mustard in the world – well nearly…… I quite like that mustard that you can see the mustard seeds in…oh and the one that has honey in it.  I have the tin sign over my stove at home.

Reassuring colmans mustard

There have been lots of advertising campaigns for this product which can trace its history back to 1814.  But mustard itself goes back to 46BC.  It is even mentioned in the bible by Jesus in the Parable of the mustard seed Luke (13.18. 19 among many others

colmans mustrad Lord Kitchener image with cooked meat by Peta O Brien

In November last year a new campaign was launched by Karmarama featuring the old 1914 recruitment  poster of the Lord Kitchener  – so was popular during  the war.  It was designed by Peta O’ Brien and is made completely from meat!  Amongst the 16 types of meats used, including Unilever’s pepperami are Chorizo, roast duck, beef skirt, chicken breast, sausages and Leg of lamb! 

HERE is the Colman’s Mustard website

Good Ephemera site HERE

Robet Opies London museum HERE

The Marmite cubes image came from THIS lovely blog

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