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‘La Bella Raphaela becomes My Beautiful Raphaella’

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My Beautiful Raphaella collage

One of my favorite paintings is ‘La Belle Raphaela’ by Tamara De Lempicka.  I’ve wrote quite a bit about her HERE.  This is a collage I did of this painting.  As you can see, my collage is a transcription of the image not a faithful copy.  I wanted to add something to the piece.  The original is a smooth liquid version, bathed in light and shade.  My Raphaela has hot legs and a cool body!  I quite enjoyed this experiement with collage and paint.

Having primed and painted the canvas, I then marked out roughly the composition

I started building up the surface, starting with the leg

As I layered, I also started using acrylic, so that I was both collaging and painting at the same time.  This leg is the only part that I have worked simultaneously on.

a closer view

struggling with the tonal values

piecs of collage are interlayed with a silver acrylicshading

background almost completed

cool tones for the skin


nearly there

final result

As for the smooth silky Raphaella (as opposed to my bumpy cool untouchable Raphaella) here’s the real thing by Lempicka;-

La Bella Raphaela by Lempicka