‘Let them eat and drink cake!’

Easter cake? why wait

 Just a quick post tonight.  I know it’s not Spring – nor anywhere near it, but I just couldn’t wait to show you this lovely teapot made of cake!  I’ve seen teapot biscuits but I’ve never seen teapot cakes before.  If you would like to make  this one, have a look here.  This is an Easter ones, but I’ve found these teapot cakes come in all sorts of designs and for all occasions.

Here’s a very cute birthday cake – and there are loads more HERE.  People are so inventive with these teapot  designs.  I wouldn’t mind having a go at making one of these cakes myself.  I bet an Arc Deco Clarice Cliff shape would be easier than these full-bodied ones though.

seems a shame to eat it

This green teapot HERE

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