‘Weird and Wacky design: If you want to get ahead get a hat!’


dunn and co beautiful hats

If you want to get ahead – get a hat, so the old saying goes.  Apparently the saying is an old advertising pun, used by Dunn and Co in the 1940s.  In those days everyone wore hats.  In the 60s my father still wore a Trilby.  He looked very smart.  Old women still wore hat’s, middle-aged one wore rollers in their hair with a scarf tied over them.  In fact head scarves were worn by a lot of women in their late 20s and thirties – usually housewives. Having a bad hair day? why not wear this hat from  Nagi Noda.  How bad does your hair have to be ? great creative fun though


Ascot hats, well where else would you wear this?

The only time you saw outrageous hats was at Ascot but now they can be seen all the year-round.  I must confess to have never have seen a really outrageous hat in life (apart from the odd Easter Bonnet competition) and they are still doing it!  This looks like an oversize bendy curler – I wonder if it does bend?


horsey hat worn at ascot

I rather like this horsy hat.  It was actually worn at Ascot.  There are some  fabulous Ascot hats here.  It’s a wonder anyone watches the horses at all – the hats are very diverting and attention grabbing. 


ash Tray Hat, a bad habit to get into

As for this one – why swap one bad habit for another, that’s what I say!

Weird hat from bored HERE

Gorgeous vintage items on THIS blog

A plethora of seriously wacky hats HERE


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