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‘Are you sure that’s why the chicken crossed the road?’

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this is the type I saw - a Rhode island red perhaps?

I never have a camera when I need it.  Today I didn’t even have my phone on me either.  I was out shopping on the precinct when I saw a gang of lads laughing and pointing.  Walking rather hurredly (it was probably a bit frightened) was a chicken!  Yes, a chicken, well I assumed it was a chicken and not a cockerel.  I just checked – definely a chicken.  It was brown with a red head, very much like the one in this picture.  It was walking past ‘Texas Chicken’ a new eatery which has opened!  Wonderful photo opportunity lost…..  Inside, the customers were tucking in – whilst outside the chicken was making its getaway!  But where did it come from?  Maybe it was someones escaped pet.  Or maybe,  just maybe it had escaped from the ‘Texas Chicken’ kitchens……………….

Texas chicken now in the UK

The other rather odd sight I saw today was a whole group of girls with dolls.   Schoolgirls with pretend baby dolls.  They were standing round being lectured by a teacher as some of the dolls howled (obviously being held incorrectly).  It was strange to see these teenagers who must have been between 12 – 15 years of age with these dolls.  Perhaps it was part of the ciriculem: a lesson. I wonder if the experience altered their opinion about becoming mothers?  They certainly didn’t look enthusiastic about it.   The mind boggles, I wish I had a picture of it boggling to show you…

a Baby think it over doll

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