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’405th Post summary’ Perspectives’

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power to the people - who always have the last word (or would if they could get a word in)

I never get stuck with my blogging, it’s becoming a bit of a discipline now. But sometimes, when I’ve been out for a celebration, I think,who would really be interested in personal stuff?  So, seeing that I have  missed the 400th post anniversary, I thought I would do a bit of a summing up.  Today I decided to actually show my stats.  They are not great – but neither are they unimpressive.  I started out with 1 per day and thought I was doing well with 50 per week.  Perseverance and staying power is my middle name.  I wish I could apply this to other areas of my life.

way to go

From the new year, I have cut down drastically on what I eat.  I havequite a good palette – even though I say it myself (and I do! I do!).  I can taste the ingredients that have gone into food- indeed I know what ingredients a dish lacks.  This was pretty good for a smoker, but for a now  non smoker, my taste buds have gone through the roof!  Consequently, I am trying to lose some of this weight.  Forget what people say about putting  on weight by giving up smoking – the metabolism DOES change and your appetite DOES go up.  But I am sticking with it, I may never have the will power again to do it (without patches too – why subscribe to another drug: swap one addiction for another –  they’re ALL after your money).  Anyway, I’m going for it and hope to lose it all not soon, but taking my time, MY time!  That’s it really, knowing when to bend and not waste your flexibility on stuff that doesn’t matter.  Yes, I hate not being able to fit into certain favorite clothes – but it’s not the end the world is it? there are people who haven’t got any arms or legs or with horrific disabilities that for me WOULD be the end of my world, but it isn’t for them – perspective is worth a lot more than it’s given credit for.

give up smoking - discover FOOD