‘Teapots to have, to hold and to stroke’

Meret Oppenheim tea cup, saucer and spoon

 One of German born Surrealist Meret Oppenheim’s most famous pieces is this fur teacup and saucer.  Apparently she got the idea from Picasso who remarked when they were having tea together that anything could be covered with fur.  She obliged by producing the cup saucer and spoon.  the surrealist like to subvert incongruous texture and objects.  The fur used is from a Chinese gazelle and transposes the idea of genteel tea drinking women with a more sensuous  image.  I shall be writing a piece on this artist later.

gerry Congdon art quits

Teapots can be made from any material – even chocolate (as a past post proves).  But fabric is so innovative!  I really like this one from Gerrie Congdon’s Art Quilt Gallery which I think is amazingly quirky and fun.  So lovely, I would be afraid to clean it – in fact how would I clean it?

Fabric teapot by Bombus Design

These fabric teapots are far and few between.  I could hardly believe my luck when I found this stupendous one from Bombus Design .  They have  some beautiful  fabric vessels and even fabric globe dishes!

 For some more fabric teapots, go to ‘And Sew it goes’ blog

4 thoughts on “‘Teapots to have, to hold and to stroke’

  1. its the cup and saucer i love the most.
    sharing coffee with my wife in the morning is a warm safe feeling
    much like a warm furlined coat.
    I love this stuff. Thank you for sharing.

    (clicked here from the greatest 5 man show on earth,the man on top of these comments of course)

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