‘Snow Joke and not laughing’

It is absolutely horrendous! Hideous – outrageous!  I can’t believe the snow we are having!  I don’t remember snow like this ever.  It’s about a foot deep now.  I, who would love to go to Iceland (the place) have now changed my mind.   They should change that Iceland advert (mum’s gone to Iceland) to ‘Mum’s gone to Iceland and she could be gone some time like poor old Titus Oates’ (Lawrence Edward Grace Oates 1880 -1912)’.  Of course this was the Antarctic not Iceland, but it’s still a snowy freezing  place.

lawrence-oates, he never returned

Off I went through the foot thick snow with my Snow boots on which unfortunately came lower up the leg  than the snow.  To think I used to cheer when it snowed – running out with wellies and gloves that were soaked within a minute.  I didn’t care though, I was only 23 at the time (OK.  9 years old).  Now I’m moaning my head off along with everyone else.  There have been so many accidents  because it has snowed.  People are in hospital with broken limbs, some have actually been killed.  And still, we are unprepared.  It has been predicted that it will ice over tonight.  Great news eh.

snow boots need to be higher

It has been said that the British are a nation of shopkeepers, and all they talk about is the weather.  Well I’ve just had to go shopping to the supermarket in this weather and am now moaning, so there may well be some truth in this….

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