‘Twenty Tenty – birth of a decade’

tomorrows world 70s and 80s

The first proper post not going on about Christmas OR New Year (sort of).  The first proper post of the ‘Twenty Tentys’ as this decade is now being called.  It doesn’t sound very space age does it?  I’m sure by now we should be  astral travelling at the speed of light and eating a good square compressed astronaut meals (according to the old programme ‘Tomorrows World’.  And what happened to the car that parked itself?  as seen on the clip.  Another promise that failed to deliver.

We’ve had the ‘Roaring Twenties’ – the jazz age filled with art , jazz and the bob haired ‘flapper’ girls dancing wildly to the gramophone.  Women’s suffrage and fabulous Art Deco – what a brave new world, full of colour sound and optimism.  Freedom for women!  These women danced, drank and smoked – tied themselves to railings, starved themselves to bring future women the right to Vote – a victory hard-won (1928)

the glamorous flapper look of the 20s

The ‘Dirty Thirties; (the Great Depression), fear and hunger.   The er, well just forties but probably too depressed to name the decade that contained the Second World War .  Important one, none the less as millions lost and gave their lives.

50s housewife - it was all mod cons

The Fifties, colourful ads, consumerism and frozen peas.  Watch with Mother, This is your life – we really started to get into watching the box and it’s been a friend, enemy and a force for propaganda ever since.   But I do love this era probably the best, though I don’t remember much of it – that’s nostalgia for you: always looking back through rose-coloured specs.  The Sixties –  famous for the Mini skirt, hot pants, the Twist  a veritable design revolution going on.  The Vietnam War, Martin Luther King – the ‘Summer of Love’…. a lot happened in that decade

bryan ferry solo album 'these foolish things' everyone had this in the 70s

All I remember about the Seventies is the strikes and having to walk home from work every night because the buses weren’t running.  Having to put make up on by candle light because of the power cuts and hardly anything worth listening to on the juke box.

Romantic 80s Icon Adam Ant

  The Eighties? a lot a good stuff happened to me in that romantic decade, even the bands are now having reunions!  The ‘Nineties (abysmal decade for me, but was it ‘all that?’ then the Noughties, which turned out a lot better than I thought.  But did we really laugh all the way through them?  I just can’t be bothered to write about them all in detail.  I don’t actually remember quite a few of them!. But looking at them laid out, I do think I’ve seen rather  too many! But You’re a long time dead, so they say (the dead probably)….So BRING it on and I will try to embrace it. 

4 thoughts on “‘Twenty Tenty – birth of a decade’

  1. well i came of age after the millenium.
    so i don’t remember the past. lol
    ‘im convinced the twenty tenties.
    Will be an age of adversity but also a human rennaissance through the power of art

  2. Lucky you! I look back on the 90s like it was yesterday….but it’s 20 years. I think life quickens up the older you get. Age of adversity sounds about right though…. I’m hoping to have a bit of a rennaissance with my own art this year . I think it’s important to keep creative at all times, even if it’s just writing your blog. You’re creating every day with your food presentation and ideas and performance art and poetry, which is fullfilling – or should I say locupletative (my adopted word that I promised to use and keep forgetting about, it means enriching. Creativity icertainly does enrich our lives, I think – its the only way to go

  3. “Twenty tenties” is adorable–I’m still saying “two-thousand and ten” rather than “twenty-ten.” Wonder if that will change.

    I’ve heard the phrase the ‘nifty fifties” but that makes me gag. The forties may have been depressing, but my dad used to say that was his favorite decade (clothes, cars, etc.). I think it had more to do with his age at the time though–he turned 21 in 1942.

  4. Oh I never heard of the ‘nifty fifties’ before, life must have seemed to be going at such a furious pace with all the new inventions and designs and of course consumerism. The ‘dirty 30s’ though is a hideous expression. My mum was born then. My sister who was born in 1968 LOVES the 60s though she can’t remember any of it. Nostalgia is a very strange thing, I can understand people liking an era because they had the time of their lives but it is curious, when people like my sister and I love certain eras and everything associated (aesthetically) with it, yet can’t really remember it! Perhaps we are more in love with the image – what we imagine it was like. Fortunately can’t remember (or we would probably be disappointed)

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