‘Flashback Challenge 2010 Here’s my list’

I’ve enrolled on the ‘Flashback challenge’ On Aarti’s blog BOOKLUST.  I’m still not too sure how to make a button work though.  I can make a button, well kind of,  but I can’t make it work.   By working I mean invert, press inwards, though it does work as a link.   Confused? I am.  I have opted to read over 6 books this year and have really took my time over choosing them.  I can’t start them yet as I am still reading Chris Firth’s ‘Branwell Bronte’s Barbers tale’, but I shall start immediately after I’ve finished that book.  My books are as follows;


Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake One of my favorite books, the best one of the trilogy.  Read every couple of years, but has had a 5 year gap since last reading.  I am going to read this as it should be read – non stop all the way through.  Total immersion needs to be maintained at all times – the stones demand it!

Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell   OR Her Benny by Silas K. Hocking.   The last time I read Mary Barton was at Uni and the last time I read Her Benny was about 30 odd years ago.  Barton is set in Manchester and Benny is set in Victorian Liverpool – both places are very dear to my heart, I may end up reading them both..

How the Dead live by Will Self  Really enjoyed the way this book was written – great writing and very surreal and clever.  About what happens when you die…strange yet hilarious

The Magus by John Fowles  This is the tough one.  I have tried to get into this book a few times – and failed.  Maybe it is better to read this book last as it may slow me down…

London OR Sarum by Edward Rutherford.  I haven’t quite decided which one to go with yet.  I have started both these books, got waylaid and by the time I gor back to them, forgot where I was up to… typical

The last one was going to be Dickens, but I’ve done Dickens to death, so it is going to have to be Ackroyd as I love his books.  So therefore the last book (which isn’t going to be last as that honour belongs to ‘The Magus) is going to be ‘Dan Leno and The Limehouse Gollam’.  This  a murder mystery set in Victorian London. part fact part fiction.   Dan Leno did actually exist, he was a music hall comedian.  Not read this book since it came out, so I’ll look forward to re reading it.

I’ve set myself the challenge to read over  of over 6 books, but they are to be decided.

 Update 7th January 2010.  Also going to read ‘Titus Groan’ by Mervyn Peake as well as the other books, for reasons which shall become obvious

 Lol!  What an extremely large button I’ve made – no missing that!

3 thoughts on “‘Flashback Challenge 2010 Here’s my list’

  1. Hey there! I’m really glad that you love Gormenghast because it’s one of my most favourite book of all time! Good luck re-reading it, though, because it might take up quite a bit of your time. Like you said, total immersion is absolutely required for the best effect- I totally agree! Good luck, and I’m inspired to take part in this challenge as well just from reading your blog! Keep up the good work.

  2. Aw thanks Fatminnow, I love that book! I will tread a circle – all roads lead to Gormenghast! lol! Great your taking part in the challenge, I’ve just been on your site to comment on your book journal. I will look forward to seeing which books you opted for!

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