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‘A small start to a New Year’

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I'll be sorry to say goodbye to 165 Eaton Place

A New Year and a new start.  What a fabulous time we had at last nights party…and what a hangover.  The Star Inn was completely packed out and everyone was in the party mood.  But now it’s time to get down to some normality: business as usual.  To be truthful, I’ll be glad to get back into some sort of routine,that does not  include spending money. Already I’ve cut back on the rich food and immediately feel a whole lot better.  Went out for my usual walk which I haven’t done for a few days.  It was freezing cold and at one point  the sun was shining and whilst it was trying to snow!  I just hope it’s not icy tomorrow as that could really scupper my plans.  I’m still ploughing through my ‘Upstairs Downstairs’ DVDs (the 5th series) and really savouring them.  As usual I want to watch them one after the other in a mammoth session, but not only is this impractical (about 800 minutes!) the situation is made all the more poignant because once this series has been viewed  –  I will have seen  every episode.  It’s been quite a journey from the television series to videos to DVDs – all episodes seen at different stages.  All except the elusive 5th series……..