‘Happy 2010 Meet the New Year!’

I’m writing this on New Years eve and scheduling it for New Years day 2010.  I just had a look at last years resolutions to see how many I stuck to.  Here they are again with what happened;

In comes the New Year, and out comes the Resolutions; –

  1. Eat less

  2. Drink less

  3. Write Blog every day

  4. Do more walking

  5. Bin a load of rubbish from this house

  6. Hang on to my money longer

  7. be nicer to people

In with the New Year and out with the excuses: –

  1. Well I’m SORRY!  I DO NOT eat THAT much!  You’ve got to eat to LIVE you know!!  What do you expect me to do? lay down and die because I’ve put a few lbs on over Christmas? Yes CHRISTMAS, the season of festivity!!!!  Here here! so true….even though I never learn and have to be strict with myself for ages after the holidays.  Will I ever learn?  This metabolism was fine until I gave up smoking!

  2. I’m hardly an alcoholic mate!  Why would I NEED to drink less? eh? eh? eh? and what’s it to you ANYWAY?  Sort of stuck to this – when it suits me (suiting me tonight of course, it is New Years Eve you know..)

  3. Huh?  Well I AM writing this every day, and nobody is reading it!  I mean it’s hardly MY  fault if I am writing rubbish is it? (eh? well whose fault is it then? you sad person talking to yourself lol!)  At last, one I really have stuck to….and you’d be surprised (as I am sometimes) just how many people are reading this…. so there! says me talking to me, the person who wrote that a year ago  and who is different to the person writing this now.. so I’m not talking to myself…eh?

  4. Well I can’t POSSIBLY walk more than I am doing,  My legs are short enough.  I will wear them away if I carry on and anyway, I need all the inches I can get (to see bands).  Well, still doing my best as far as that’s concerned, though the osteo has become worse – do hope to do better and get back to my level of fitness this year

  5. Ah, but what exactly COUNTS as rubbish eh? tell me that?  How do I define ‘rubbish’? (if I haven’t already that is..).  One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure isn’t it?  Imagine my anguish if I inadvertently threw away something that turned out to be treasure or something I actually needed?  No, it’ s not worth the risk.  Well fulfilled this slightly – still got a way to go (tip; follow the arrow that says ‘TIP)

  6. This is an easy one to deal with: WHAT MONEY? no money, no cry  Could be better, but not as bad as I was, improvement in sight

  7. I’m already nice to people, any nicer and people may think I’m a pushover and take all my money (that I haven’t got) and think they can just help themselves to all my food, drink and rubbish (that’s really treasure).  Oh no, thank you VERY much…and I don’t want to sound smug but I think I have the balance just about right.  Difficult one, I tend to take people at face value and am then disappointed when I realise they are insincere.  The problem lies with my expectations, not with the person.  Hard lesson – but learned.

Well that’s me sorted.  Time to get 2009 on the road!  It’s such a relief to get these resolutions sorted and in place.  Now I know EXACTLY where I’m going, I feel so much better!  This is the spirit and attitude that got me a rather good 2009 and I’m going to follow it again (with small tweaks of course: onwards and upwards!)

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