Happy Un PC, Health Hazardous Christmas’s I have Enjoyed

chocolate cigarettes

When you are young, Christmas is magical – well it seem’s magical.  OK it is magical, only because you can’t see the strings.  Some of the stocking fillers of the past wouldn’t be allowed in the shops these days, yet some of them are surprisingly  still around.  

We took them for granted – the same way we do a selection box for example.  Most young children used to get chocolate ‘Smoking’ sets.  Yes, lighters, cigarettes, cigars, pipe and other smoking paraphernalia – all made out of chocolate!  Horrible chocolate, I may add. 

I have tried in vain to get a pic of these sets, but there doesn’t seem to be any to be found on the internet.

1962 baking set, I got one every year

Presents were dolls and baking sets, toy ironing boards and stoves for the girls. Nothing like a good education is there? practise for your future career….  

Weapons of some sort, and cars for the boys.  The stereotyping had begun.  As well as the smoking set we also got a tin of Bluebird toffees from Woolworth’s, which usually had a picture of a kitten on the front.  Now, they were lovely creamy toffees.  Unfortunately though, I could only find an image with a dog on (thanks to here)

I usually got one with kittens on

Chocolate cigarettes with that sort of paper you can eat always went down well.  It was commonplace to see young children with these in their mouths.  I’m sure that  advertising a certain cigarette as ‘cool as a mountain stream’ contributed to enhancing smoking’s image as being a ‘harmless relaxing passtime’ .  The chocolate cigarettes are still available from eBay HERE or from HERE.  The others (real ones) are still available (NOT HERE) lol!

consulate – cool as a mountain stream

Toy guns that fired caps were also very popular.  If it made a noise it was even more sought after. You could buy small round cardboard boxes with coils of caps in.  Boys would put them underfoot and stamp.  They were made of gunpowder!  Imagine that – kids playing with gunpowder!!!  They still make them too, (here) though they’ve probably been modified. 

Penknives were also popular then and were generally used by scouts in a responsible way.  Not so now, according to this article.  Exciting, yet innocent days eh

3 thoughts on “Happy Un PC, Health Hazardous Christmas’s I have Enjoyed

  1. I remember my dad buying me chocolate cigarettes when I was wee. They were covered with rice paper which just dissolved, I usually got Camel ones. I’ve never been tempted to try a real ciggie though so I don’t think chocolate ones did you any harm.

  2. Absolutey brilliant reading that! I just found an empty ‘candy cigarettes’ packet at work while I was doing the recycling and it prompted me to google ‘Chocolate smoking sets’ as I have fond memories of me and my brother getting one of these every Christmas. Also remember the chocolate/rice paper cigs mentioned in the above comment too.

    They were great fun and I seriously don’t think they made anyone think of smoking – I never took it up anyway – I still eat loads of chocolate though 😉

    Co-incidentally, I’ve just written a post about how different kids’ childhoods are nowadays compared to when I were a lass (Yorkshire speak). I think they have quite sad childhoods nowadays compared to us!

    1. I remember that chocolate tasting really horrible. I began to dread those kits in the end, yet we always got them! I did become a smoker (4 years a non smoker now) but I can’t blame those kits….though on second thoughts – it’s a good excuse as any;-) I prefer dark chocolate to milk. I have never tasted chocolate like that ‘smokers’ chocolate since (who knows what that was made with) Remember ‘Lucky Bags’? Well, in a particular type of Lucky bag you always got a few REALLY hard candy sweets that you nearly broke your teeth on. But the worse one, was the big caramel they insisted putting in. They were absolutely horrible and tasted like no toffee on earth! Tasted like dirty dishwater smelt:-0
      But, like you say – they were great childhoods where things seemed more simplistic and summers were summers and seemed to last forever. Thanks for reading Carol – and good luck on the climbing;-)

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