A Visit from the Spiders and Pingback Mountain

I actually saw this giant spider in Liverpool - I will put my pics on

Some days it’s hard to come up with a post.  I just go where the mood takes me generally, and hopefully present it in an original way.  I’ve become a bit bogged down lately, and I think I need to get some more art into this art based blog.  I am still sticking to my one post a day though, and although some of them are short, and mostly spontaeneous, occasionally I do try to do a longer one.  I’ve now made 382 posts.  I do try to stick to one subject per post, though I could stick loads in one post and let the ‘spiders’ (robots) crawl all over it, picking out key words, I prefer not to because then it becomes a kind of tag farm and I’m just using certain tags for the sake of it.  No thanks, seen loads of these and I certainly don’t want my blog to become one!

Boomerang - OK I couldn't get a pic of an actual Pingback but you get the idea? it comes back to you

As well as the ‘spiders’ doing their bit (to the good I may add), there’s the Pingbacks’ to contend with.  I’ve been advised to keep these, though there are rather a lot, as when I link back to my other posts, they come thick and fast.  Sometimes when I read my ‘comments’ email, I think I’m seeing double when I see my own words coming back at me, lol!  It’s like mirror writing!!

Here’s one of my hero’s: he used to live in a room full of them, lol!  (sorry but that was all I could come up with for a ‘Mirror’ pun)  not really a video, just the tune. 

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