Watch with……Spectacles

We got our first television on a Wednesday.  How do I remember it was a Wednesday?  Well. I was sent downstairs to fetch something out of the front room.  And lo and behold – there stood a magic television!  It was turned on, and I was mesmerised by what was happening in this little box (and it was a little box).  Two little men were dancing, they appeared to be made out of flowerpots.  They even lived in flowerpots.  Their neighbour was a big flower called ‘Little Weed’, though really it looked more like a big sunflower.  The little men danced and sung and talked in a funny language that was absolutely enchanting my child – like ears.

Bill, Ben and Weed relaxing in the warm sun

In time, we were introduced to the little man who lived in the wood (a bit creepy I thought, he danced in a very strange way…) and ‘Slowcoach‘ a huge tortoise.  And that’s how I knew we got our first television on a Wednesday, because Bill and Ben were on!  If I remember rightly: Monday was ‘Picture book’, Tuesday was ‘Andy Pandy’ Wednesday ‘Bill And Ben’, Thursday was ‘Rag Tag and Bobtail and Friday (my favorites) The !Woodentops’.  What great memories eh!

and I think the little house knew something about it - don't you?

Just found THIS!

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