Really Useful Chocolate Teapots

yummy chocolate teapot

I’ve not put any teapots on for quite a while now.  That doesn’t mean I’ve gone off them.  It just means it’s getting harder to find really unusaul ones.  But, here’s a collection of Chocloate ones, that are about as much use as a  – well chocolate teapot!  Bet they taste good too.  Buy HERE

Don’t these look delicious?  No recipe, but you can oder them from HERE

gorgeous chocolate cakes/biscuits


So, you think it’s impossible to actually make a chocolate teapot?  It’s all very well making one for decoration – but to actually brew tea in?  Surely it’s not possible?  Think again!  Have a look at theis WEBSITE where they have actually done it!

Chocolate teapots can also be used in pranks, as seen in this Sainsbury message service

More ways of making chocolate teapots HERE

5 thoughts on “Really Useful Chocolate Teapots

  1. I’ve missed the teapots, but these make up for the hiatus. Too pretty to eat!

    Believe it or not, at an Austen tea I went to on Sunday, someone asked me if I knew where to get chocolate teapots and I told her I had never heard of such a thing…silly me!

  2. Haha now you know Jane! I find the chocolate teapot experiments most interesting. I like the way the hot liquid eats into the layers of chocolate, altering the shape. I wonder if you could fill a chocolate teapot with melted chocloate, perhaps from a chocolate fountain, making a 3D teapot?

  3. The person who asked me about chocolate teapots, or was it teacups?, intended to use them to serve hot chocolate. Too much of a good thing, I thought, but chocoaholics might disagree with that heresy.

  4. I love the idea of that! not a chocoholic but the thought of memted white chocolate in a dark chocolate cup sound fab! I bet you’d have to drink it quick before you ended up with a ‘set’ cup! A pint of Guiness springs to mind for an idea, dark body and lwhite chocolate top! Hey, I could market those!!!

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