Weird and Wacky Design: Bones

This Post is one in a special week celebrating  Echostains I year Birthday blog

I’ve not used my locupletative word lately.  Well I must rectify this immediately.  Not tweeted either, finding Twitter a bit boring (I’m probably doing it wrong, lol).  Been busy today.  These days are not long enough really.  Again, I have left it to the last hour to do my blog.  And it’s going to have to be a short one.

Barbie football

Here’s a couple of little things I’ve discovered on my travels around the World wide web.  Barbie football!  yes, that’s right, lots of little Barbies playing a game of football.  Perhaps this is an effort to turn the silly shaped vacuous doll into a ‘bit of a tomboy’.  It’s not worked.

bone stacking game

I rather like this bone stacking game though – rather a lot of bones there, but I think kiddies would love to play with this (I would)

decorated sugar skulls

Talking of bones, what about these sugar skulls!  Simply stunning!  I don’t think that you are supposed to actually eat them though.  According to what I’ve read, they can be given to the dead or the living and are used in Mexico to celebrate the ‘Day of the Dead’ which is a public holiday 1st and 2nd November.  On that day, the departed are remembered and their lives celebrated.  A lovely idea!  If only we did that with the living…..

2 thoughts on “Weird and Wacky Design: Bones

  1. Hhehe, now I don’t know if they actually sell these or if someone has customised it. Good way of using all the spare dollys up though. Don’t reckon they’ll be playing much football, probably swapping make – up tips and fighting over Ken! Now, that’s an idea… Ken football table, all dressed in ‘casual wear’ lol

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