John Cooper Clarke tells it like it Is/Isn’t/Should be

poet John Cooper Clarke

Short and sweet.  Time has really flown today.  In between all the stuff I’ve done (of no interest to anyone apart from me who has been riveted) I’ve left it quite late to do my blog.  Listening to the great John Cooper Clarke.  Who?

charles atlas. laughing at this? why? why do some woman admire plastic surgery? – at least this is real

Oh come ON everyone has heard of him surely? the Salford poet? very sharp very funny, own style, very witty? No?

Lol! ‘Arts ‘N’ Crafts’ really made me laugh – YES that’s the VERY important world an artist lives  and BREATHES it in……. HERE

charles atlas, a whole lot of sand kicking going on

The Bronze Adonis Got her….My brother used to send for those Charles Atlas magazines, inspired no doubt by the cartoons of puny men having sand kicked in their faces.  We thought we had it bad as women…all THEY had to do was grow muscle…….. and all would be THEIRS?  Nice to know it wasn’t just US that fell for the body  propaganda isn’t it.

Here’s an excerpt from ‘The Bronze Adonis Got Her……

mr and mrs universe / the folks who live in the GYM

each night she sleeps in a room marked HER / he sleeps in a room marked HIM

muscle bound for stardom / the apollo of your EYE

can’t seem to get a hard on / oh christ I wonder WHY

the BRONZE ADONIS got her

they honeymoon on muscle beach to cries of “Beat it Mac”

he plucks some puny pansy’s peach / how do you like that

the BRONZE  ADONIS got her…….


For loads of other poems with attitude by the fab John Cooper Clarke  HERE YOU GO

My tribute to the Salford Bard HERE


3 Responses to “John Cooper Clarke tells it like it Is/Isn’t/Should be”

  1. […] I’ve wrote a post about this poet HERE […]

  2. A few years ago I made a cheesy pastiche 70’s Xmas single and asked Johnny Clarke if he would voice the Fairy on the Tree for me. He very kindly agreed and can be heard introducing the recording as the somewhat sinister fairy. I just had it remastered and have put it on iTunes for your listening pleasure. Merry Xmas!

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