The Turner Prize 2009: Will it be a Turn Up?

This Post is one in a special week celebrating  Echostains I year Birthday blog
Martin Creed minimalist art

It’s nearly that time again: the controversial Turner prize winner will be announced on December 7th.  I have only ever been to one Turner Prize exhibition at Tate Britain.  It was the year that Martin Creed won (2001).  Martin Creed, the one with the light that went on and off…….  We bounded across a large empty room, like a pack of marauding Wilderbeeasts, a light went on….then it went off.  Before this I had been in the cellar looking at a whole world that  Mike Nelson had created out of rubbish.
Lucy Skaer
This year the nominees are; Enrico David, Roger Hiorns, Lucy Skaer and  Richard Wright.  I have to say I don’t know any of these artists work.  From the bits I have read though,  Lucy Skaer’s Black Alphabet sounds intriguing – only it’s not an actual alphabet…from what I can gather, it’s Brancusi ‘s Bird in Space (1922) cast in cold dust and resin, multiplied  to resemble weird letters.  I would like to see this in real life.
Roger Hiorns has reconstructed a councilflat  encrusted full of crystal surfaces, that he hasn’t actually constructed  yet…a tad complicated, you will have to read about it yourself, as I’m not sure I can grasp the concept. 
Turner-Prize-09- Wright
Now Richard Wright’s work sounds quite good.  He’s done a fresco full of baroque, angel wings, lots of gold and surface stains that resemble Rorschach blobs (and you know how much I LOVE those!)
Enrico Davod’s work is billed as a kind of surrealism with stuffed paper mache figures against black backgrounds.  Probably fun, but it doesn’t interest me.  I need to actually SEE these exhibits really to make a judgement.  I’ve absolutely no chance of this as it’s much too near Christmas (though we went to London around this time last year).  I shall have to watch it on TV like everyone else, and complain that the wrong man  (or woman) won it.
Read all about it HERE

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