Weird and Wacky Design: Ours is not to Reason Why (But I will anyway)

why? why not

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you still get a surprise.  You wonder what sort of minds come up with these ideas.  Wacky ones for sure…. I’ve always believed that for something to be successful, it must have a use, people must need it.   Then comes the hard sell.  Of course where there’s no discernible niche for the item, it is all fair and above-board to create one,  create a ‘need’ – make the product a ‘must have’.

bacon air freshner

Why though, would you want an air freshener that smelt of bacon?  Most air fresheners mask cooking smells……..  Perhaps it’s to conjure up a kind of comfy Sunday morning lazy feeling that the smell of bacon inevitably conjures up.  I’m saying this because that’s when I usually eat bacon, but some people eat it every day.  Then again, some people want to eat it every day, but are watching their cholesterol.  This bacon smell business reminds me of the Jorvik Viking Centre in York UK.  When it was first open and the cars went backwards (through time) and came out into the Viking village, this was one of the key smells (along with the strong urine one).  I’m pretty sure you could buy this essence in a bottle.  Later on, the smell wasn’t quite the same.  It was as if, they couldn’t quite get the recipe right.  In love with the bacon air freshener? HERE


Here’s another unusual concept, – a ‘Log’ floor rug by Yvette Laduk.  I have tried to get my head around this, and I just can’t.  The ‘tree’ has been ‘chopped’ down: what is left is a stump.  This is a flat image of a 3D object.  The 3D object that is really flat, will be placed (usually I would think) on a carpet.  A woodland is the natural carpet for a tree stump is it not?  So you are kind of bringing the woodland into your home?  Perhaps they do a matching carpet of leaves and flowers?  I don’t understand it, but I do rather like it!

sarah dery mousetrap

And there’s more…….  This mousetrap by Sarah Dery has a humane touch.   It lends a bit of dignity for the dearly departed mouse.  The mouse is trapped in the mouse trap and  then slid into this carefully prepared little coffin.  The other pictures have  more details  (HERE)including  a thoughtful little opening for its tail.  I don’t know what to say……

One thought on “Weird and Wacky Design: Ours is not to Reason Why (But I will anyway)

  1. Aw, I loved going backwards in time and coming out in the Viking village! Another time we went, you sat watching a screen that showed people going back in time and the bench we were sitting on shook…… another time, you climbed into the cars and the cars went into the huts (all the huts, not just the cooking hut), you could see the tracks, plus what was coming next. It kind of spoiled it, I thought

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