Rounding up: Loose ends

 This post is one  in a special week of  celebrating Echostains I year Birthday blog

An indoor ladies toilet pleaseand disabled facilities

The last couple of days have been a bit hectic.  I’ve not even twittered!   The concert last night  for the toilets at The Star Inn  went down really well.  Did we achieve the money we needed for BOG AID? click HERE and find out…..

Julie Hesmondhalgh

Didn’t take many pics last night, just couldn’t get my mode right on the camera!  Really kicking myself about that.  None of them are really anything to write home about at all, mostly blurred.  You need a steady hand for this and getting there at 6.30pm….well, that doesn’t help lol!  Guest of honour Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley from Corronation St) made the auction go with great humour!  She was very entertaining, and a lovely down to earth person with a sharp wit!  The folk bands we had were also very good indeed and everyone just mucked in and had a great time!

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We love art!

Seems ages since I put a proper post on here, everything is a bit up and down at the moment.  But will try to get back to normal soon and write about ART.  Well that’s the first year gone on my blog.  I have to say, I’m really enjoying doing it AND talking to some lovely people whom I would never have met otherwise!  Communication (the echo and the stain).

2 thoughts on “Rounding up: Loose ends

  1. Hi

    I believe you have got Barabara Hepqorths death date wrong, 1875? sorry to be abit picky.

  2. Hi Couldn’t see this at first – 1903 – 1975 but it was at the end when she died in the fire. Thanks for pointing this out and thanks for visiting. Don’t worry about being a bit picky – Hepworth is not spelt Hepqorths, no ones perfect lol

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