Echostains Blog is 1 Year Old Today! My 362nd Post

one whole year

Yes it’s one year today when I first started my WordPress blog!  So far I have managed to write 362 posts.  The idea was to write one per day, but  it was a while before I discovered being able to schedule these posts.  My aim for the next year is to beat my record!

art is everywhere

What have I blogged about? wittered on about?  Well all sorts – mostly Art.  Art can be found everywhere though!   I didn’t want my blog to be dry academia (succeeded there alright), but neither did I want it to be full of too personal stuff either: outpourings, confessionals.  Rantings? occasionally…. moaning?  trying to keep it down to a minimum.  I also try to steer clear of politics.  I do have views but I think there are too many blogs that focus on political matters.

Branwell Brontes Barbers Tale by Chris Firth next book on my list

I have LOTS of categories!  Including our travels, books I’ve read, TV and films I have watched and of course artist’s birthdays.  I am adding to these.  Those I missed will get an airing soon.  The only criterion for selection is that I do actually happen to like the artist’s work, otherwise it would be a never-ending task, bit like the sorcerers Apprentice filling the buckets…

I have still got more things planned, and when I can work out how to link gallery pics with written pages about artist’s (as in my Altered book) I will do so, as this shall make it tidier.  Many thanks for those who have commented on my blog, it is very much appreciated!  I would like to thank my right and left middle finger for typing…I would like to thank GOD that I still don’t smoke, or I would be dead by now smoking AND typing…….that’s it really!  Cheers!

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