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Happy Birthday Dear Toulouse Lautrec!

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toulouse_lautrec f

Today is the birthday of French painter, print maker, illustrator Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse Lautrec-Monfa (known of course as the diminutive Toulouse-Lautrec (1864 – 1901).  Post impressionist Lautrec is best known for his bright lively images of the Parisian  theatrical world. 

Toulouse-Lautrec La Goulue arrivlal au Moulin Rouge

The lively modern world of Fin de siecle Paris was one of colour and decadence and Lautrec immersed himself into it, illustrating all it’s life, humour, comic tragedy in this bohemian world.  As a lithographer, his colourful posters for the Moulin Rouge (amongst many other night clubs) were seen all over Paris.  His models were  outrageous dancers, like   Louise Weber, who was also known as La Goulou (the glutton) inventer of the Can Can and the instantly recognisable Jane Avril .

Jane Avril 1893

Althou Lautrec’s career only lasted about 20 years, he seems to have produced a vast amount of work.  His influences on Manet and Degas  can be seen in his behind the scenes images, where the entertainers can be seen at work and relaxation.

the-clown-cha-u-kao-by-henri-de-toulouse-lautrec the pathsw the motely

The 5ft tall Lautrec was addicted to alcohol and suffered a lot of disability.   But this did not stop him going out on the town and  capturing the exciting nightlife of Paris.  Some of his models are so instantly recognisable that sometimes a mere silhouette will suffice.  Lautrec led a relatively short, but exciting life and there are many biographies about him.  For a look at more of the artist’s fabulous paintings and prints see HERE

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